Regd. No- F.30(549)/P/1990/Coop/19.01.1990
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Loan Scheme


1. The loan amount up to maximum of Rs.5,00,000/- or ten times of share money whichever is less.
2. The rate of interest on loan @ 8 % per annum.
3. The installment monthly payable and non-payment of installment on due date penal interest @ 3% P.A. per monthly installment.
4. The loan period not more than 60 months.
5. One or more guarantors/sureties required for Loan.
6. Eligible for loan only after one month of membership.
7. Share capital must be 10 % of loan.


1. Loan application form duly filled & signed.
2. Share money 10% of loan amount.
3. Post dated chques
4. Pan card, Adhaar card, Office I.Card.
5. Latest Income Proof:- Payslip/ salary certificate/I.T.R/Form16.
6. Latest Bank Statement.
7. Any Other document, if required by the Managing Committee.